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Timber Decking by Smart Fencing Sussex

Timber Decking

The exterior of your home, or indeed any other property that you own should look just as good as the interior. At Smart Fencing, Sussex, we have invested ourselves in making sure that we can transform outdoor spaces into more than just spaces; we aim to create experiences, and one of our services in installing timber decking.

Not many people consider timber decking as an option for turning their outdoor space into a completely different experience, but it’s quickly catching on as a great way to change a simple lawn into more than just a lawn.

Interested in finding out more about timber decking? For more information call us on: 01273 446544

For most of us, landscaping is just about changing the plantings and the structures that surround our homes and properties, and this works well, but timber decking will change the way you think about designing the outside of your home. Timber decking has advantages over basic landscaping and that’s because it will:

  • Give you additional room outside your home for you and your family to relax in.
  • It presents a great place to entertain. You don’t have to do timber decking all around; if you still want to have some lawn left so that you can vary your entertaining options, then you can section off a portion for decking and leave the rest for landscaping and you will get the variety of experiences that you’re after.
  • It’s a great way to set up great pieces outdoors. There may be some pieces that you want to put outside your house but don’t want then to go directly on the lawn. Timber decking will give you room to showcase them, making the exterior of your house look great.

What Smart Fencings Timber Decking Service Can Do For You

We will help you come up with the best ideas on how to transform the outside of your home using timber decking. We help you with designs that take into account both the property and the garden or lawn as they are right now, and then map out a plan that will achieve the greatest effect. Of course we welcome your ideas; after all, it’s your garden.

At Smart Fencing, we have made sure that we are a one-stop shop. We supply all the materials that you need and we do the installation for you. All you have to do is call us on: 01273 446544 or email us with your timber decking request and you can consider it done after that.

Want More Than Just Timber Decking?

As I said earlier, we are a one-stop shop for transforming home and property exteriors into beautiful areas to relax in. We also have a complete landscaping and fencing service if needed to complete the desired effect. We have a maintenance service because we understand at Smart Fencing that landscaping needs continuous care for it to keep looking good.

Go to our gallery and see a variety of some of the work that we have already done; we can do more than what you see there – we try and create designs that leave each home with a unique feel. In fact, see some of what our customers are saying here and on our timber decking profile. Of course they are referring more and more people to us because they know that we have the options for you to choose from and that we get the job done to perfection. Don’t be left out – call on us to discuss the various timber decking options that you can choose from.

For more information about our timber decking services or to arrange your free no obligation survey and quotation simply e-mail or call us on: 01273 446544 and we will be pleased to help. Timber Decking by Smart Fencing Services Brighton, Sussex

December 9, 2010 9:25 am

Smart Fencing Landscaping Services

An Introduction to Landscaping

At Smart Fencing Landscaping Services, we make sure that all our clients understand what we do and how we do it, so this article is a basic introduction to landscaping. It’s a profession that involves working with the environment around you to get a desired look. It’s often based mostly on gardening, but it can also involve additional features like walls and any other installations that can change the general look of the surroundings.

People landscape for various reasons; mostly, it’s done for aesthetic reasons and to change outdoor spaces into recreational areas.

Garden looking a bit tired? Call us now on: 01273 446544 for a friendly chat about your landscaping, garden design and or garden maintenance requirements.

Landscaping has been practiced for thousands of years

There are very elaborate landscaping designs of ancient gardens that can be seen even today. Most ancient cultures manipulated their external surroundings somehow so that they could be more pleasing to the eye. Areas around temples, palaces, public squares and even private homes were all landscaped. In Rome for example, most households would landscape an enclosed area close to the house for the family members. Mayan walkways were lined walkways to their temples with beautiful paintings and plants. In some cultures, landscaping was functional. Native Indian tribes for example used landscaping plans for cultivation.

Landscaping In the Modern World

Today, landscaping is mostly done around properties. You’ll find a lot of residential landscaping, landscaping around office buildings, in recreational parks, museums and other similar public places.

In a typical outdoor landscaping project, a landscaper will start by sketching out the area that needs to be landscaped. They capture the surroundings – other buildings, trees, roads, pathways as well as look at the quality of soil, already existing plants and flowers and other installations that may already exist. Using this sketch, the landscaper can then come up with a suitable design. A smaller project, like patio landscaping, will require less design time than if they were landscaping around an office property for example.

They will then proceed to lay out pathways, using landscaping plants (if they wish) to define the paths. They can then shift their attention to the rest of the area, creating the desired effect around pools, trees, gazebos, walls and any other features that are in the area. They will install and remove features as they see fit.

Choosing a Professional Landscape Contractor

As with choosing any service provider to carry out work on you home or business property its essential to have trust in their ability and faith in their reputation. Here at Smart Fencing our reputation can be checked easily by visitng our landscaping profile on where we have ove 50  customer testimonials.

For more information about our landscaping services or to arrange your free no obligation survey and quotation simply e-mail or call us on: 01273 446544 and we will be pleased to help.

Landscaping by Smart Fencing

December 7, 2010 8:29 am